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New Feature!

Findeavor.com micro job site is now offering instant delivery option for sellers!

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Findeavor.com now offering instant delivery option to sellers for items like photos, ebooks, and other media.


Findeavor.com is now offering instant delivery option to its sellers for items like photos, ebooks, and other media. This means that people purchasing these items get immediate delivery.


Findeavor.com is now offering an instant delivery option to its sellers for items like photos, videos, ebooks, software and other media.  This means that people purchasing these items get immediate delivery. and the micro job (or what we call an endeavor) is completed immediately as well.

The new option gives sellers and buyers on the Findeavor market place a more streamlined way to conduct these transactions.

Findeavor is committed to making buying and selling products and services fun and easy.

Watch for for more new features in the comming weeks!

If you are not familar with what Findeavor is, or better yet, who we are, please checkout our about us page on Pressabout.us or click here to checkout our website.

  • Everyone is good at something. Be creative and sell what you’re good at on Findeavor.
    ~ Joe
Findeavor! How to make extra money
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Sep 162012
How to market a product

Beginner’s outline of how to market a product on the Internet

Ok so you’ve just created a new website and you want to know how to market a product.  You may have paid several hundred dollars to get someone to create your website, and maybe they helped you with some content creation (not as easy as it sounds) and after all that work you are done right?  Well, not exactly.  Part of knowing about how to market a product can be taken from real world examples.  Just like in the real world if you open up shop in an office building, strip mall or shopping center, you still have to find a way to let people know that you exist (aka advertising).

Many people confuse creating a website with advertising.  Sure, you may be able to talk about or describe your product or services on your website.  However, people need to be able to find your website to read all about the great things you are saying.  To do this, you need to make your website visible on the internet through several channels.  Fortunately, promoting your website to these channels are typically free but it can still be a lot of work to market a product especially if you are new to the whole process.   So by this time I am sure your asking yourself, what are these channels and how do I get started?  I will outline some basics below:

When is comes to how to market a product on the web creating good content is a must

It does not matter how well you have advertised your website if people won’t stay to see what you brought them there for.  This is why creating “good content” is so important when it come to how to market a product online.  The interesting thing, is that Google, Bing and Yahoo have spent millions of dollars trying to determine what is interesting on the web.  If your website contains genuinely good content, then the search engines are more apt to pick up your site an create links that people find when searching for products or services like yours.   Ten years ago that was probably enough.  Today however, there is fierce competition for placement on the first page of any search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.   Thus the next step.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or How to make your website friendly to Google, Bing and Yahoo

If you do a Google search on SEO or Search Engine Optimization you will find hundreds of links to blogs and companies that can help you optimize your website for top ranking search results.  The best way to start, is to figure out what thing people would type into a search engine to get to your site.  Then use tools like Google Key Word Tool (it’s free by the way).  This tool allows you to type in your search words and it will tell you the best words or phrases to use to increase your page ranking.  Look for high searches with low competition.  Next make sure these phrases are in your meta tags, on several places on your front page that make sense.   I am going to stop here on the subject because SEO techniques could take up several pages.

Next step in how to market a product on the web (Social Media Marketing)

What’s that you say, there are more steps for how to market a product on the Internet?  There are several more.  However, we will cover just one more step that many are saying is becoming equally as important as SEO.  This step is called Social Media Marketing.  Everyday millions and millions of links and ideas are shared through hundreds of social media channels.   You can’t go anywhere on the web without seeing Twitter or Facebook.  Well it would seem that way, however there are millions of sites that do not have social media plugins that make it easy for people to share their discovery of your site with others.   Make sure that you include at least, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon on your page so that you and others can market your product.

Well hopefully this was a good overview if you are just getting started with a new website and wanted to know how to market a product on the web.





How to Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships

Sep 092012
College packing list website


So you’re finally ready to make the big move to college and you’re not exactly sure what you should bring.  As a college student you have enough things on your mind without having to come up with the list of items that every college dorm room or college apartment should have.  The folks at collegepackinglist.com have come up with a great way to help you put together the laundry list of items you will need to start your college career.

The site not only help you create the list but also offers great tips for each item on the list.



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Sep 032012
College Part time jobs


So where can I find college employment opportunities for college students?

So you’re back to school, hitting the books and trying to get back into the normal college routine. Part of that routine typically includes try to find college employment opportunities working part time somewhere that provides flexible hours and not a huge drain on your mental faculties. Let’s face it, you have to save as many of those brain cells as possible for the really important stuff like classes, right?

So what are your college employment opportunities now that you are back in school?  The following list identifies the typical list of options you as a college student are faced with.

  • Intern if you are lucky enough to find something in your field
  • Work at a restaurant, grocery store, or at the mall
  • Try to find something on campus
  • If you are good at crafts, try selling your creations
  • Freelancing or Consulting

“Everyone is good at something…”

I won’t bore you with the first three items on the list, since we all know how that goes.  So what about the last two items, selling crafts, freelancing and consulting?  You may say to yourself, I am not creative enough to make anything that someone would buy or I am not a programmer or web developer so freelancing and consulting are out.  My response is, don’t sell yourself short.  Everyone is good at something.  Most of us have multiple talents that are latent within us and we just have to let them out.

“simply a platform for you to take your talents and sell them on the Internet…”

Today the Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for people to find their talent and start selling what they are good at from home or from the dorm room.  At Findeavor.com, we have created a community or marketplace if you will, that allows people to setup their own side business.   Make no mistake, this is not one of those get rich quick schemes, this is simply a platform for you to take your talents and sell them on the Internet to earn extra cash.

“if your going to make up your own college employment opportunities, why not make them something you like doing…”

So how do you get started?  The best way to get started is to first take a look at the website and get a sense for what others are doing.  You will quickly get a sense for how and what people are selling.  Next, make a list of what you are good at or what you enjoy doing.  I say, if your going to make up your own job, why not make it something you like doing anyway.  That’s how many entrepreneurs got their start.  Ok, so now you have made your list, all you have to do now is register (it’s free BTW), tell people what you are willing to do to make money and “wallah”, you have your own part time business running.   If you are on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll want to let your friends know what your selling so we give you the social media tools to do so.

So what can I sell on Findeavor?

  • Sell used books
  • Sell ebooks
  • Sell Class notes
  • Sell study guides
  • Techies:  Help people create a website, modify CSS or javascript, show them how to host a website, setup a blog like WordPress
  • Artists: sell graphic design services, logos, banners, brochures, letter head, images
  • Sell tutoring services
  • Sell “I’ll do your taxes”

You can see that the list can go on and on and on.

So what are you waiting for it doesn’t cost a thing to post your jobs on the site.  You set your own prices.  So what are you waiting for?

Get started creating your own college employment opportunities right now on Findeavor.com

Aug 202012

Hey Freelancer’s are you tired of constantly having to bid for jobs on those other sites.

Freelancers stop bidding

Freelancers create your own jobs

Findeavor is a micro job site that offers you the opportunity to post your own freelance jobs and set the price you think is fair and competitive.  This allows you to create the micro jobs you are good at and the micro  jobs you really want to do.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you to stop what your doing on those other sites. We are simply asking you to start your own endeavor by selling what you really want to sell.

So what’s the risk here?  What are you waiting for? It is absolutely free to signup and begin posting your micro jobs (click here to sign up).  Be creative and post different flavors of your micro job.  This makes your posting more attractive and gives your buyers more variety.

Buyers, you get a great deal as well.  We all know that people perform better when they are doing what they’re good at and doing what they love to do.  Findeavor sellers offer great deals for all types of online services designed to help small business, entrepreneurs, artists, and those that work from home.


Jul 242012

Check out this video review discussing what Findeavor and micro jobs are all about! (Thanks to Kittydancevideo).

In this video you will see how micro job opportunities are created on Findeavor every day.

Want to know how to advertise your website or how to market a product?  If you would like to order your own review click HERE!

Findeavor.com – Micro-Jobs Website

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Jul 062012

Check out news about the Findeavor Community!

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Jun 302012
How to make money

Getting Started on Findeavor.com Micro Job Site is Free and Easy

If your new to selling online and want to know how it works.  Then you’ve come to the right place.

We have created this post to get you started with your first endeavor.  That’s right “endeavor”.  An endeavor is what we call the jobs on our site or what other sites may call “gigs” or “micro jobs”.

So let’s get started!

If you want you can click here to launch Findeavor.com in another window to follow along.

Registering on Findeavor Micro Job Site:

On the Homepage (www.findeavor.com) you will find a link at the top right hand corner to Join or Login with Facebook.

To join the Findeavor micro job site click Join on the top menu bar or login with Facebook.

Join Findeavor.com

After you submit your registration, you will need to check your email to activate your account.  This activation process helps us keep spammers/robots from infiltrating our system.

Click the email link to activate your account and you will be able to login and begin selling and purchasing from the Findeavor micro job site.

After you login the menu will have a few more options:

  • Home – Takes you to the main listing page of the micro job site.
  • Inbox – This is where you can retrieve messages sent by others or the system.
  • Profile – Edit this to tell others visiting the site who you are.
  • Seller – This is the menu to create, view and edit your endeavors. This is also where you manage your micro business (sales, payouts, etc)
  • Buyer – Click here to see what you have purchased and the status of your orders
  • Blog – Your are on the blog right now.  A place for info about the Findeavor.com micro job site.


Creating your Endeavor (micro job):

You can create your first endeavor by either entering what you will do in the box at the top of the page:

“I’ll _______________”.   click “Go” and the system will create the title for your Endeavor.


What Ill do on Findeavor.com

Or you can select “Create an Endeavor” from the seller menu.  Either way, the process is the same…


Create Endeavor on Findeavor.com


The create Endeavor page will look something like this:


Create Endeavor Page 1

Create Endeavor Page 2

Create Endeavor Page 2

  1. The first order of business is setting the price for your endeavor.  Use the drop down to select between $5 and $30.
  2. Next Enter the details about your endeavor Description – Make sure people know what you are offering
  3. The Instructions to Buyer section is very important if your require information from the buyer in order to complete the endeavor (micro job).
  4. In our example above you may ask for things like:
    • “Give me three words that describe your business:
    • “tell me about your business in two sentences”
    • “attach a picture that you think represents your business”
  1. In the TAGS section, enter the key words that people will search on to find your endeavor (micro job).
  2. Maximum days to complete, tells the buyer how long you estimate it will take to complete the endeavor for them.  It is better to give yourself extra time to make sure you can deliver in time.  However, note that quick delivery can also set you apart from others providing similar services. (Maximum duration for this endeavor to complete. Time it will take you to complete your work. Consider time differences, your own free time and other engagements. Buyers are allowed to cancel late delivered orders.)
  3. You will also want to add an image to your endeavor. Click the “Choose File” button to upload a picture from your computer that you want to visually represent your endeavor.
  4. You can also add additional images or a video which can provide a very detailed description or example of what you are providing.  Most pro sellers use this feature to give them that extra edge.
  5. If there are extras you want to add such as “I’ll provide an additional logo for $x.”  you can do this in the Add extras to Endeavor section.
  6. For those sellers who have merchandise to deliver use the This Item Requires Shipping option.
  7. Lastly, click “Submit” to create your first Endeavor!

Click here to join for free!

Happy selling on the Findeavor.com micro job site!


Jun 032012

Hey folks come take a look at some of the changes we made to the micro job site.   Some changes are aesthetic and some functional like the pricing filter.

Please let us know what you think.


The Findeavor Team

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