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Endeavors by manifestsol

I'll perform a customized, private service for $10

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Occasionally, our needs are a little more involved and difficult to place into just one category. Due to an extremely competitive market, businesses may need to handle their transactions with discretion. Send us a message prior ordering, and we just might say YES for this low price!

I'll rework your logo/image and give 3 versions for $5

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THREE gigs for the price of one! Receive 3 versions of your one submitted image. Our team is preparing to create logos on a wider scale & needs to build a larger portfolio. Here's your chance to get a logo/image reworked into something fresh & exciting! For Best Results: Provide website/page & description of what you do...Describe business -Favorite colors - Upload all versions of originals. - BUYER responsible for copyright

I'll improve your Alexa rank within 21 days for $5

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My name is Lee and I'm here to help you to grow your website faster than ever. Need a lower Alexa score? Then you're in right place! Here what I offer you: Pretty Straightforward: My team will use their specialized techniques to incrementally lower your site's Alexa rank.Benefits: Google/Adsense safe-We won't harm your rankings...Results typically show within a week. Get Better Alexa Score...Beat The Competition Mercilessly!

Perfect for spreading the word about your product or service! Your tweet will go out daily for the duration of this gig. Our twitter followers continuously seek opportunities to enhance their businesses. This business-oriented account is about 5yrs old and has a steady following. Awesome services typically convert very well: Almost any product/service is welcomed, but we make the final call. Thanks for your understanding!

Anyone who promotes ClickBank products should get this, ASAP! We do all the hard work for you at top speed. It's like cutting out hours if not days of research. Benefits (of many): 1.A quick way to eliminate all the products that you have little, or no chance ranking and converting for. 2.The document shows products many would pass by.... EVEN products in really competitive niches that are not out of reach with a bit of forward planning.

MASSIVE Exposure For Your Website! It has never been easier to get an unstoppable flood of traffic! As many visitors as your server can handle...GET READY! Our team will help you dominate & supercharge your website, increasing the visitors and views many times over. Unique traffic will continuously flow from worldwide visitors including USA,UK,Canada. With continued use, see improvement in Alexa ranking and increased popularity.