I'll retweet your message to 250,000 users and add 2,500 real followers to your account for $5

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♥ ALL MY EARNINGS ARE DONATED TO CHARITY. ♥ I have a big account on Twitter with over 250,000 followers. Just let me show me your tweet and I will retweet it with my powerful account! After that, I will send you 2500 real followers to your Twitter account! I complete my orders within 24 hours! :) My 250,000 users who follow me are real and they will interact with your brand or product! :) … FAQ … Q: Do you accept any account? A: Yes, except harmful content.… Q: Can you write my message for me? A: Yes, I can. Anyway, I prefer when my customers write their own messages, because they know more about their projects than me.… Q: When will you deliver? A: I deliver as fast I can. All my gigs have their "express delivery" badge, which means they are delivered within 24 hours.… Q: How many visits, likes, views, etc. would I receive from your promotion? A: I am sorry, I can´t guarantee a specific number. Anyway, if you didn't like my service, you can always tell me about it, and you will receive a full refund if you prefer or we can try to make it work for you. If you are unsatisfied with my services, please let me know and I will do everything I can for you˜…

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I will send 7500 new followers to your Twitter account
I will send 12500 new followers to your Twitter account
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