I'll promote and Share your Website, FB Page, Videos, Music or Business to over 250,000 users and add 2500 followers to your Twitter account for $5

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★ It is a MUST for these ones who want a big exposure and promotion. First, I will promote your website, videos, music, business, Facebook Page, YouTube content, Twitter profile, etc. to my 250,000 followers, then post your videos or websites, retweet your tweets and help you with anything you would need. Then, I will add 2500 followers to your Twitter account. Buy this to get a big exposure, get more opportunities and grow your fan base! ★ ★ FAQ ★ Q: Do you accept any account? A: Yes, except harmful content. ★ Q: Can you write my message for me? A: Yes, I can. Anyway, I prefer when my customers write their own messages, because they know more about their projects than me. ★ Q: When will you deliver? A: I deliver as fast I can. All my gigs have their "express delivery" badge, which means they are delivered within 24 hours. ★ Q: How many visits, likes, views, etc. would I receive from your messages? A: I am sorry, I can´t guarantee a specific number. Anyway, if you didn´t liked my service, you can always tell me about it, and you will receive a full refund if you prefer or we can try to make it work for you. ★

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